Ancient Death Triumph

by Slaughterday

Crush the seal - proclaim the prophecy Raise the banners of disgrace Old steel forged in infernal fires Unleash the chaos of an endless war Relentless - Cleansing of the earth Ruins devoid of any life Pestilence - Ferocious storm of plagues Cataclysmic conquest of decay Exterminate - Ancient Death Triumph Dominate - Ancient Death Triumph Haunted swarms swallowed by monstrous graves Orgy of ceaseless agony Cheering masses infested with disease Dominion of the dreadful has begun
Obscure fate Descendants of the decomposed Grim tales of a putrefied reality Morbid spawn Children of the lifeless Born within these coffin walls From the wombs of the dead Gruesome destiny Putrefactive pregnancy Dismal effigy Afterlife monstrosity Expulsed from decay Rotting flesh oozing from bloated cadavers Artificial prolapse of the corpse Swarming maggots, bearers of the afterbirth Sickening ways A grotesque act of death imitating life
Psychotic hallucinations Demonic faces on the wall Eerie voices of damnation Condemned to live in misery Epileptic seizures Convulsive profanity Schizophrenic delusions Self-inflicted injuries Hallucinating Insane Denying the crucifix Possessed Self-flagellation Mentally demeaned Perpetual nightmares Emaciating anxiety Frantic screams of spiritual suffering False illusion of blasphemy Impenitent agony Expelling the demons from a morbid mind Deliberate torture in the name of Christ Abused by excruciating rites Tormented by the words of the priest Wretched striving for deliverance Executed by severe degeneration
Engulfed in abysmal trance Evil spirits stalking their victims at night Slowly crawling onto the chest Deathlike, still they breathe Induction of fathomless nightmares Drowning in salacious fantasies Spawn - Incubus In the grip of demonic lust Seekers of carnal intercourse Progeny without soul Begotten from darkest dreams Spawn of the incubus Half-breed monstrosity Spawn of the incubus Abomination born from human seed Rising from the realm of shadows Waiting until they sleep To rape the earthly world of sin Cycle of vicious procreation
Shrouded in sickness Atomic funeral Wandering through winds of radiation Inhaling the stench of misery Getting high on abhorrent fantasies Consuming anguish Infinite holocaust Defying the waves of devastation Burning existence Voracious firestorm Revel in the ashes of cremation Inhaling the stench of misery Getting high on abhorrent fantasies Dreadful visions Horrific screams Lost in apocalyptic dreams Dread - Doom - Death - Decay Craving for abnormal Illusions Another dose of dread Addicted to the effigies of a world reduced to ruin Fatal affliction Inhuman ecstasy Rising from the graves of desecration Apocalyptic dreams Apocalyptic dreams
Exhumed from an icy grave Ageless terror is revived Invincible instinct of survival Reanimated alien parasite Bodies disgracefully digested Dissolution of the flesh Abhorrent imitation of another lifeform Transformation has begun Humanoid Deformation of life Nauseating way to die Malformed assimilation Ribcage burst open Skin is torn apart Faces split in two Shrieks from twisted jaws Abject replication Mangled bodies burn Repulsive mutations Squirming in the flames Facing man or beast? Paranoia takes control Death is soon the inexorable fate In this hell of ice and snow
Disturbing the dead Spectral desecration Crossing the threshold To abhorrent dimensions Discarnate Forces Haunting horror unleashed Malignant apparitions Victimize the violators Hallucinating shadows Voices from beyond Paranormal terror Driven to insanity Mentally disintegrated Excruciating hysteria Discarnate forces Haunting horror unleashed Discarnate forces Vengeance of the deceased Discarnate forces Disembodied manifestation of evil Spirits distracted from the light Enter the gateway to the netherworld Dark presence of the beast Raging pandemonium Ectoplasmic enemy Sucked into abysmal tunnels Intangible reality Cold hands reach for your soul Supernatural abduction Restless spirits absorbing your lifeforce Merciless retaliation
Thumbs will twist, can you resist? Beware the names on the inquisitor's list Trial by fire, the holy desire Religion and rule can be so cruel All in the name of the cross Thumb hang Thumb hang Word of the pope, the loss of all hope Manipulation is here, governed by fear Mounted on horses, inquisitors ride At the end of their spears the heathens died Forced to confess they prayed as the lied Prayed as they lied Tortured and prisoned and sentenced to die When it's the church you weren't meant, meant to defy Fate and soul, state of control Money to steal, government's deal Tortured and shamed, who could be blamed? Using the cross, the lives that were lost All in the name of God


German Death Metal butchers SLAUGHTERDAY have completed their 3rd album entitled „Ancient Death Triumph“ which is going to be released by FDA Records November 27th.

Slaughterday delivers 9 brandnew blood-soaked songs, with no doubt their best material so far. Some people call them the German AUTOPSY, but Slaughterday is much more than this. The new songs are on the same high and authentic level like all the classic evergreen stuff from the early days as „Mental Funeral“, „Leprosy“, „Left Hand Path“, „War Master“ and so on..

SLAUGHTERDAY is pure fukken authentic nasty Death Metal!


released November 27, 2020

All music and lyrics by Bernd Reiners and Jens Finger
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken / June/July 2020 . Cover art by Adam Burke (Nightjar Art).


all rights reserved



Slaughterday Leer, Germany

Formed in 2010,
Slaughterday plays vintage Death Metal exclusively.

Slaughterday is:

Jens Finger: guitar/bass

Bernd Reiners: drums/vocals


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