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Tyrants Of Doom

by Slaughterday

Mauled 05:37
Uncompromising horror Bestial way to die Frenzied feast of slaughter Futile to survive In the grip of relentless claws Crushed by devastating jaws Sadistic aberration Takes you to the grave Crawled from the realm of terror Mentally depraved Your will to live now is no more Degraded body in a pool of gore Mauled … inexorable carnage … Mauled Mauled … savage execution … Mauled Excruciating throes of death Terrifying screams Cadaveric spasm takes control Mutilated dreams Gushing blood - fractured bones Consciousness fades away Desecrate … Mutilate … Disintegrate … MAULED! Ruptured flesh - gouging eyes Disembowelled - slow decay
Last spark of life Extinct in misery When prayers fade Into nothingness Coffined saviour – Messiah of the scorned Despised idols burn In the fires of demise Reflections of decline Forever turned to ash Stillborn believers of sacrifice Forsaken disciples enslaved in sin Praise the flesh of the anointed one As immortality is slowly rotting away Buried in demise Dreaming with the dead Resurrection forlorn Salvation out of reach
Nocturnal rites Pits of fire Eerie dreams From the other side See the future through distant eyes Death magic nightmares penetrate your mind Horrid spells Gushing blood Sacrifice To the underworld Intoxicated by these necromantic visions Grotesque wisdom of the grave Summoning Spirits call Reanimation Of the deceased Enter the world of unholy secrets Unspeakable voices inside your head Behind the veil of phantasmal prophecies Gateway to the gods of the dead
Unconsecrated philosopher Master of unearthly doctrine Deviant mind Impure seeker of eternal life Leading the rats To an endless sea of anticosmic fire Grave nihilist – abominate your god Grave nihilist – override decay Grave nihilist – unchain the dead Grave nihilist – show us thy way Suffer the blind Cleanse your soul to become the abyss Open your eyes In the end there is nothing but death Deny the scriptures of salvation and sacrifice Kneel to the forces of deconstruction Feeble convictions all perished and forgotten Purification the poison of man
Trapped in a horrid dream A dying world at your feet Entangled in cold flesh Victim of a rotting elite Decomposing image Ghosts of a withered past Silent screams from gaping holes Tales from the chambers of decay Driven by anxiety Tormented by a crippling despair Echoes of diseased whisper Choking on a sickening insanity Deathly plague from the grave - Pestilent tombs The horror lies beneath - Pestilent tombs Infected and defiled - Pestilent tombs Repulsive entities - Pestilent tombs Ascending from the baneful soil Contaminated bodies crawl Toxic fumes exhaust from broken coffins Spawn of an acherontic earth
From the womb of hypocrisy Malignity in their eyes Demonic forces take control Disdain breeding deep inside Drink from the chalice of servility Kneel down and praise Tyrants of doom On the throne of apocalypse Voracious usurpers Oppressive barbarians Tyrants of doom Reign of terror takes its toll Disruption is their sword Chained to damnation and despair Mass enslavement without law Dismal fortress of eternal nightmares Where the twisted face of terror prevails Distant voices of demoralization Excruciating screams from the funeral pyre
Maze of abhorrent illusions Devouring your inner self Truth or hallucination Your sense of existence is fading away Dissolving minds Ulcerated and void Vortex of fear and corruption Hysteria beyond control Suffocating eternally Dragged down to the mental abyss Dissolving minds Ulcerated and void Drown in filth Afflicted with dread In the festering claws of deceit Drown in filth Gasping for the foul air of morality As you look into the empty eyes of a buried reality Wandering through the virulent fog of unearthly profanity Forever lost in the downward spiral of sempiternal mortal agony
Parasitic 05:06
Crawling deep inside the host Destructive predators Injecting the chemicals Relentless mind control Inside your brain you cannot feel Victimized against your will Your dismal life zombified Parasitic way to die Slow corrosion of the mind Body hardly kept alive All functions paralysed Consuming the insides Parasitic … Parasitic life … Parasitic … PARASITE! Skin begins to crack, life cycle now complete Skull erupts to release the future breed
They live beneath the ruined city, call the subways home Anxiously wait to see the sun and a land as of yet unknown Gone below to escape the death of the nuclear winter Ice and darkness due penance for the sinners Six generations, 200 years later their ancestors crawl from their holes Hungry and frightened and barely surviving they're tired of living like moles Up on the surface a fate worse than dying meeting the end of the food chain Teeth yielding pain I sense that living human beings dwell below my feet An important source of protein, you are what you eat Post-Armageddon, neo-barbaric, the nuclear warriors due battle To satiate our hunger we breed human beings as cattle Hunting in packs ready for the attack, we eat our prey raw-rabid animals Frothing and ripping the carcass we're stripping, devour our own, yes we're cannibals Eat or be eaten, beat or be beaten, I am on my life rest assure a predator Broken splintered bones, boiling blood, torn and bleeding skin Blackened burning flesh, melting fat, amputated limbs Eviscerated, lungs torn out, heart ripped from the chest Decapitated, a meal of vagina and breasts Eyes plucked from sockets, gaping holes through which pick the brains Phlebophilia, love of blood, life spills from the veins I detect the scent of prey by her menstruation You have been chosen the main course - Congratulations! Bon appétit


SLAUGHTERDAY, one of Europe's Death Metal leaders return with a brandnew album named 'Tyrants of Doom'. This devasting masterpiece marks the fourth full length album and contains 10 authentic brain-melting songs. Musically way another step forward and so far the band's most refined and mature album. Rotteness meets melancholy meets brutality and melody.
As usual, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studios by Jörg Uken. The artwork was done by Khaos Diktator Design (Lock Up, Possession etc.).
'Tyrants of Doom' will be released 09/23/2022 on CD, LP and digital formats by FDA Records/ Soulfood Music and on cassette exclusively by Defying Danger Records.


released September 23, 2022

All music and lyrics by Bernd Reiners and Jens Finger
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken in 2022.
Cover art by Khaos Diktator Design


all rights reserved



Slaughterday Leer, Germany

Formed in 2010,
Slaughterday plays vintage Death Metal exclusively.

Slaughterday is:

Jens Finger: guitar/bass

Bernd Reiners: drums/vocals


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